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About Us

Basic Principles: 

  • Scalabrini Radio follows Catholic doctrines and principles. It will not be a religious space for religious programs and music.
  • It will be an educational radio that aims to inform what happens in the world, in the church, in the country, in the local, civil and religious community.
  • Form good citizens and good Christians.
  • Work professionally
  • Differentiate from other media by method and content.
  • Programs that entertain and confuse the Word and the name of God with business and private interests will not be permitted.
  • It will always be a community service
  • Two central objectives: Evangelize and being the voice of immigrants
  • It will be a Community Radio, where there will be space for everyone who wants to write something constructive.
  • The broadcaster is responsible for all material during the rented time on air (streaming), copyright material such as music and any material that belongs to someone else, the broadcaster has responsibility to follow the rules of the ScalabriniRadio.net, the broadcaster, classified also as the person who paid to have the show streamed by ScalabriniRadio.net
  • All opinions, statements and representation during a program is full responsibility of the person whom rented the program, and does not represent the opinions of ScalabriniRadio.net
  • Scalabrini Web Radio will follow the doctrine and principles of the Catholic Church.
  • Always in conformity and in communion with the Pope.
  • It will seek to develop a pastoral theology incarnate and in accordance with the documents of the Church, particularly in relation to the Migration Ministry.
  • Programs do not necessarily have to talk about religion and spirituality. There may be sports, physical and mental health, information and training programs on all topics related to the promotion of people.
  • Religious programs, in addition to containing prayers and devotions, should focus on content so that there is no manipulation of consciences.
  • The songs can be religious or secular, but you must excel in good music. It will not be allowed to play low-style music.
  • It will be an educational radio that aims to inform about what happens in the world, in the Church, in the country, in the local, civil and religious community.
  • One of the goals is to form good citizens and good Christians.
  • Another objective is to help immigrants to integrate into the new culture.
  • Providing necessary tools.
  • Seek to work professionally
  • To seek, by method and content, to differentiate ourselves from other means.
  • Programs that mix and confuse God's name with business and private interests will not be allowed.
  • It will be a Community Radio, where there will be space for all who, observing the rules, want to contribute values ​​for the construction of a better world.


Scalabrini WebRadio Management

CEO - Volmar Scaravelli

Of Brazilian nationality and grandson of Italian immigrants, Father Volmar Scaravelli belongs to the Congregation of Scalabrinian Missionaries, whose goal is the Pastoral Care of immigrants and refugees. In 1982 he was ordained a priest. He began his ministry as a Scalabrinian in Argentina, initially working with border immigrants on the surrounding areas of Buenos Aires. In 1991, Father Scaravelli was the Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for the Pastoral care of Migrants, and Director of the Agency for the Protection of Refugees, in partnership with the UNHCR. During this period, he worked with the Pope Francis, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires. In 1998 he was elected Provincial Superior of the Scalabrini priests and in 2002, Father Scaravelli came to the USA to open the mission with Brazilian and Hispanic communities in Orlando, FL. In 2015 he was transferred to Everett in Boston Area, where he established the Scalabrini Community Center. On September 2011, he became pastor of Saint Tarcisius Church in Framingham where he founded in 2012, the Brazilian American Center BRACE, a non-profit organization that provides services to immigrants in education, health, legal advice, sports, dance, arts, job placement and housing information. Father  Scaravelli studied philosophy at the Jesuit University in Moema, São Paulo and Theology at the Theological Institute of São Paulo, affiliated with the University of San Anselm in Rome.

CTO - Eduardo Ribeiro

Eduardo Ribeiro is a graduated Software Engineer with experience working in the Electronic Medical Records industry for 7 years, entrepreneur with Computer Graphics Studio Inc. (United States) and Global Software Soluções (Brazil), volunteer computer classes instructor at BRACE,  experienced with professional software applications developed and released to the market, Software engineering, Software Application Developer, Database client/server and relational database design MS-SQL and MySQL Server. Visual C++ Programming Certified, JavaScript Certified, Multi Platform Video Game developer. Specialties: Model View Controller (MVC) Software Architecture, Algorithm analysis and design, Artificial Intelligence for video games, Fundamentals of Game Engine Development, 3D Game Engine Architecture, Game Engine Scripting and tools, Game Software testing and debugging, Software requirements analysis and Design, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Team product Development. Co-Founder of FamiliaUpDown.org, a non profit organization created with the support of BRACE and the Framingham Saint Tarcisius community, to help Portuguese speaking families with the difficult task of raising a child with special needs (Down Syndrome).

Operations Manager - Juliana Campos

Juliana is responsible to Adhering to broadcast standards and complying with international, federal and state laws and regulations, managing day-to-day operations, including station inventory and supplies, safety and security, and space allocation/utilization, monitoring all activity to identify necessary changes, maintains a diverse staff, adhering to the station’s mission; delivering assignments; recruiting, scheduling, and training staff, and  coordinate community volunteer program providing support for senior station management.